100 Main Street West on Heritage Canada Foundation’s 2012 Top 10 Endangered Places List #HamOnt

100 Main Street West, the soon-to-be-demolished Education Centre, has made Heritage Canada Foundation’s annual top ten list of endangered places.

A demolition permit has been issued for the building as a condition of sale between the Hamilton Wentworth District School Board and McMaster University. McMaster has no plans to incorporate any part of this structure into their new development on this site.

The listing for 100 Main can be found here, or the full list of endangered sites can be found here.

The Heritage Canada Foundation explains why the building matters:

“Thought to be Hamilton architect Joseph Singer’s signature work, this elegant modernist 8-storey building partly clad in white marble with elongated arched windows and library in the round is considered by many as the city’s best example of mid-century Modern architecture. Opened in 1967, the Education Centre was built as a monument to public education and is located opposite City Hall on prominent Civic Square land donated by the City as a way to convince the Board to remain downtown. Keeping the building from landfill preserves an important piece of Hamilton’s history, respects the civic component of the site, and makes ecological and environmental sense.”



Here’s a list of contacts with McMaster, The School Board, MPP’s and the Minister of Culture. Please send them a note to tell them what you think of the plan to demolish this building: couldrr@mcmaster.ca, presdnt@mcmaster.ca, keltonj@mcmaster.ca, ahorwath-co@ndp.on.ca, judith.bishop@hwdsb.on.ca, tim.simmons@hwdsb.on.ca, ray.mulholland@hwdsb.on.ca, jessica.brennan@hwdsb.on.ca, wes.hicks@hwdsb.on.ca, robert.barlow@hwdsb.on.ca, karen.turkstra@hwdsb.on.ca, dlcouncil@hamilton.ca, mchan.mpp@liberal.ola.org

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