More Royal Connaught Concepts #HamOnt

The new conceptual renderings for the Royal Connaught keep on rolling in! On Wednesday, a concept drawing of a proposed redevelopment of the Royal Connaught surfaced on CHML’s website shortly after Bob Bratina announced on the Bill Kelly Show that work would begin on the Connaught this fall.

The concept drawing has been roundly criticized since it appeared. It really is hideous, but we’ve seen a number of concepts for the Connaught in the past few years- maybe we don’t have to worry too much about a concept drawing looking like the final product. Let’s hope they don’t actually plan to cover the ornate east side of the Connaught with the monolith from 2001: A Space Odyssey.

As it turns out, it may be altogether premature to make any big announcements. One would wonder if Mayor Bratina’s announcement was just intended to distract from the past week’s other heritage controversies.

On Friday, the Spectator’s political cartoonist, Graeme MacKay published the original “Do It Your Self Royal Connaught Redesign” cartoon. Not surprisingly, a number of sarcastic local designers took Mr. MacKay up on this probably-unintended photoshop challenge. Enjoy.

Got your own far-out idea for the Connaught redevelopment?
Send them to and I’ll post them up.

Chris Farias

Jeremy Kemeny

"Bob's Playhouse" - David Brace

Graham Crawford

"Mordor Welcomes the Shiners Convention" David Brace

Peter Michael Wilson

Mark-Alan Whittle (Who presumably just wants the whole damn thing town down)

Darlene MacNeil "So this is drawn with my finger in photoshlop. As you can see at the top left, we've replaced the fountain so we don't need one at Gore park. This fountain is better cuz it has a spinny circle ride, and a water slide that goes down the mountain, into the ride, and down what will eventually be Money Mart headquarters. In the middle, circular part you have a park and some windowless, white, low income housing. At the top is the new ti-cats headquarters. And the purple and blue sponge paint is to brighten up the downtown."


by Andrew Clopford


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